Codenames is a national award-winning strategy-based board game where teams compete to uncover their secret agents through word-association clues given by the respective team’s “Spymaster.”  Teams take turns guessing which cards are hiding their agents and the first team to unveil their nine cards wins.
According to an international research study done by Vision: Journal for Language and Foreign Language Learning, when Codenames is used to gamify reading comprehension activities, students were more engaged, retained more information, and were exceedingly excited to learn new vocabulary.
We want the art direction of Codenames to mirror our reimagined educational opportunity for the board game. When someone sees the box, we automatically want an association to be made between the game and our initiative’s target: lower and middle schoolers.
Introducing: “Code Kids: The Game Show.” Watch adults face-off against a group of kids playing the new educational phenomenon: Codenames. The goal of this intense, live-streamed battle of wit and smarts is to display success in using Codenames to elevate reading comprehension education. When the kids beat their challengers, Codenames can prove their board game is a must-have in the English classroom.
Interactive Instagram Filter
We want to encourage students to continue practicing their skills outside the traditional board game. With an interactive instagram filter, students are prompted to come up with their most creative word associations on the spot.
TV Spot
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